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Telegram Bulk Sender



Telegram Sender – A perfect way to reach other group or channel members. Send automated bulk messages to any telegram group or channel members in one click. No need of being admin. Telegram Sender uses advanced web automation technology to collect id’s from other groups or channel and send messages.

We all know that sending messages manually to thousand’s of telegram members is an impossible task! That is why our software is perfect to help you export unlimited number of id’s from any telegram group or channel and send them bulk messages.

Customized Message

Send bulk and personalized messages using variables

Import Recipients

Simple import of contacts (phone numbers or username)

Message Content

Send static text, links, images, attachments, emoji etc..


The Best Telegram Marketing Solutions

Extract Members from Groups YES (up to 10000 per time) YES but max 200 per group
Add Members to your Groups / Channels Add bulk users directly from a competitor group to yours (max 200 per account and group) It supports sending invitations to username list imported into the program.
Send Bulk Messages Send messages only to your active Telegram contacts Allows the sending of messages to any list of usernames or phone numbers (list to be imported into the program)
Send Text Messages with Attachments  NO
Text Only or Image Only
It supports sending text messages with images, document attached and emojis.
Technology Use official Telegram APIs Automate manual operations on Telegram Web
Telegram Contact Management Import / Export / Delete Telegram Contacts Import Contacts by phone