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Telegram Marketing


Best Software to Send Bulk Invite and Messages for your Telegram Group or Channel
Best Telegram Marketing Software.


Send bulk invitations or messages using multiple Telegram Accounts

Bulk Invite Users

Import Real Members to your Group or your Channel in a few clicks

Export all Members from Group

Export Real Users from the selected group and save all data in Excel.


The Best Telegram Marketing Solutions

Extract Members from GroupsYES (up to 10000 per time)YES but max 200 per group
Add Members to your Groups / ChannelsAdd bulk users directly from a competitor group to yours (max 200 per account and group)It supports sending invitations to username list imported into the program.
Send Bulk MessagesSend messages only to your active Telegram contactsAllows the sending of messages to any list of usernames or phone numbers (list to be imported into the program)
Send Text Messages with Attachments NO
Text Only or Image Only
It supports sending text messages with images, document attached and emojis.
TechnologyUse official Telegram APIsAutomate manual operations on Telegram Web
Telegram Contact ManagementImport / Export / Delete Telegram ContactsImport Contacts by phone

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