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InstaBot PRO is a software designed to automate your “likes”, search for new followers profiled by similar accounts and get real followers interested in your content. InstantBot PRO is a professional marketing tool that will allow you to revitalize your profile thanks to the following functions:

GET FOLLOWERS: Export the followers of other profiles and / or users based on specific Hashtags.
> AUTO FOLLOW: Automatically follows new people, profiled on the basis of hashtags or similar accounts.
> AUTO UNFOLLOW: Function that automatically deletes new followers generated with AutoFollow, and who have not decided to follow you.
> AUTO LIKE: It automatically “likes” profiles based on hashtags or similar accounts.
> AUTO COMMENT: Comment on photos automatically based on hashtags or similar accounts, with the ability to customize the comment
> AUTO DELAY: All operations are carried out with a random delay in order to reduce the risk of account suspension.
> UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS: You can use InstaBot Pro with all your accounts. There is no limit.

How does InstaBot PRO increase your followers?

If you regularly use Instagram, you will surely have seen a like or a comment on your photo by an unknown person. Out of curiosity you will have (most likely) checked his account to find out who he was and you will also have decided to “follow him“.
Well, this “curiosity” is the basis of the functioning of InstaBot PRO and the marketing strategy we rely on to increase your followers. With InstaBot PRO you will be able to automate your “likes”, comments and to follow other accounts precisely (by username or by hashtag) in order to increase your interactions and gain new followers (real and active).



Immediately after installation you will see the following main screen:

To activate the program click on the flashing button (top right) LOGIN INSTAGRAM:

NB: Open on Google Chrome browser and be sure you are LOGGED OUT from your account. After logged out, can login from the software as described below.

The login window will open in which you will need to enter your Instagram account data (username and password)

After entering your username and password, click on LOG IN and a Google Chrome window will automatically open. You will be logged into the Instagram page and logged in. Wait until logging into your Instagram account is complete. Once logged in you will see the InstaBot Pro main screen with “READY” on the top left button.

The program is now ready to use all functions.

How to Export Followers and Users from Instagram

At the top of the program there are buttons that allow you to extract the names of Instagram profiles based on the desired HashTag or the Followers of a particular user.


To get users (profiles) based on certain #hashtags, click on the GET USERS FROM HASHTAG button at the top and in the window that opens enter the hashtag name and the number of users to extract (with the demo version you can extract a maximum of 15 names ).

Click on the EXTRACT USERS button and in the Google Chrome window you will automatically see all the photos related to the hashtag entered. Let the program run until “Completed” appears

At the end of the operation go to the desktop of your PC and you will find the file with the name “hashtag.txt” (in our example “holydays.txt”). Inside the file there will be the users found by the extraction.



If you want to extract the followers (or following) of a particular user (even from your own profile), click on the GET FOLLOWERS FROM USERS (or Following) button and enter the username and number of followers (or following) to extract. With the demo version it is possible to extract a maximum of 15 followers per user.

Click on the EXTRACT USERS button and in the Google Chrome window you will automatically see the pop-up with the followers of that profile.

Leave the window open where you will see the list of followers that is automatically scrolled.. Let the program run until a window like this appears:

On your desktop you will find the Followers_from_ [username] .txt file and inside all the users you were looking for:

NB: In order to extract the followers/followings the program first scrolls the whole list and at the end captures the names. So if you want to extrapolate more than 2000 followers for an account we have to wait a bit and we recommend having a ram greater than 16GB.


Thanks to the Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow function you can automatically start following all the profiles you want. You can activate this function on a list of users that you have extracted with InstaBot PRO (as described above) or follow users based on certain hashtags.


Once you have a list of Instagram profiles you want to follow, all you have to do is import them into the program (or manually write them in the relevant box)

Once you have entered the names (with the demo version you can import up to 5 names from a file), click on the FOLLOW button at the bottom and let the program work, which will automatically access the various profiles and click on the “Follow” button.

By default a random delay is set between 10 and 30 seconds, which should protect your account from any risk of being banned. If you want you can modify these parameters as you see fit.

The UNFOLLOW operation is the same as described above, you just need to click on the “Unfollow” button.


If you want to start following people automatically and based on Hashtag, from the module on the right of the program you can do it very easily. Enter the hashtag, select the “By Hashtag” box, select the “Follow” box and finally click on the START button.

The program will automatically open all the posts related to that hashtag and will start clicking on “Follow” on the various profiles found. With the demo version a maximum of 5 profiles will be scanned automatically, with the FULL version the program will go on up to 300 “follow”.

The random delay set in the program (between 10 and 30 seconds) and the limit of 300, are precautions to avoid any ban or suspension of your account. However, we recommend not to overdo it and try to use the program with caution.


InstaBot PRO also offers a Follow & Unfollow function in 1 click. With this function you can start following people and after some time (you decide after how many hours or minutes) the program will remove the follow. All automatically.

With this function you can gain followers quickly and easily. Here’s how it works.

Click on the AUTO FOLLOW & UNFOLLOW button at the top left and this screen will open:

Click on IMPORT to import the username’s file to follow for a few minutes / hour and then stop following (in rotation).

Then set a delay between requests to “follow” and then after how long to start putting “unfollow”

Finally, at the bottom select the duration of the operation and click on the START button. The program will start working in complete autonomy.


InstaBot PRO also offers a powerful Bulk Direct Message Sender feature. In fact, you can upload a list of users (instagram accounts), write and send the message to everyone.

After having LOGIN INSTAGRAM in the program, from the module on the left of the main interface you will have to do 3 simple steps:

  1. Import the list of Instagram users you want to send a message to
  2. Write your message in the box below
  3. Click on the SEND DIRECT MESSAGE button

The following figure describes the 3 steps:

NB: Before sending, make sure to set a delay that is at least 20-30 seconds in order to reduce the risk of being banned.

While sending messages you will see the automatic operations in the Google Chrome window. Make sure you don’t close that window until you’re done sending messages.


A) AUTO LIKE (or Unlike)

From the module on the right of the program you can add “Like” to all the photos of a particular profile or to all the photos of a specific #hashtag. Enter the user or hashtag, select the “By Username” or “By Hashtag” checkbox, at the bottom select the “Like” or “Unlike” box and finally click on START. You can also select the option “By Username List” if you want to send like or comment to the first post of a list of users.

InstaBot PRO will automatically open the posts and click on the heart icon to add the Like. With the demo version a maximum of 5 Likes can be added, with the FULL version instead up to 300 per user or hashtag (all automatically).


In addition to the LIKE you can also send comments (automatically) with InstaBot PRO. From the module on the right of the program you can add “Comments” to all the photos of a specific profile or to all the photos of a certain #hashtag. Enter the user or hashtag, select the “By Username ” or “By Hashtag” checkbox, at the bottom write the comment and click on ADD. You can insert more comments and the program will then choose them randomly in order to reduce the risk of being banned for “spam”.

After writing the comments, select the “Comment” box and click START.

InstaBot PRO will automatically open all posts and click on the text box where comments are entered. Here he will write the comment and post it!

With the demo version a maximum of 5 Comments can be added at a time, with the FULL version instead up to 300 per user / hashtag (all automatically).

PRO VERSION (Without Limitations)

The FREE DEMO version of InstaBot PRO has all the active functions but has limitations in the number of data that can be extrapolated (followers) and in the number of likes, comments or follow / unfollow that can be sent automatically.

To get the FULL program without limitations you need to purchase the license (only 29 USD) from the following button:

After the purchase you will receive the license code directly by e-mail. To activate the program click on the PRO VERSION button at the top right and then enter your email and activation code:



InstaBot PRO is a program that simulates human manual operations and automates them. However, if the program is used in an exaggerated way (eg it is left day and night to work) or too many operations are done in a short time it is possible that Instagram can suspend (temporarily) the Instagram account.

To reduce the risk of bans we suggest to:

1- Use the “Delay” parameters to set a random delay. By default it is set between 10 and 30 seconds but if you want to be even safer you could increase these values
2 – Do not add more than 200 likes / comments / follows per day (within 24 hours)
3- Avoid leaving the program working for too many hours or at night without your supervision.
4- Do not send comments that could be considered “Spam” by the recipient.
5. Use a VPN software on your PC so that you can change IP and avoid to use always same IP address.
6. Do not overcome the following “limits”:

Here is a summary table on the Instagram limitations updated to 2023. I remind you that the algorithm periodically updates its limits, so take these figures with the benefit of inventory. You always need to test and adapt to any changes.

Follow/Unfollow Maximum 150 daily operations. Start with a week of warm-up, not exceeding 10 operations per hour up to a maximum of 50, progressively increasing up to 150. Maximum 200 daily operations. A warm-up week is important, especially if you haven’t used the follow operation much before. Gradualness essential to avoid temporary blockages. Gradualness in operations is crucial to avoid risks.
Like Limited to 200 likes per day. Limited to 200 likes per day. Gradually increase actions; Instagram does not tolerate sudden increases. Risks of 48-hour lockout after excessive increase.
Comment Do not exceed 200 comments per day, spreading them over several hours. Be even more cautious if the profile is young. Do not exceed 200 comments per day, spreading them over several hours. Proceed gradually to avoid penalties.


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